St John’s Black History Month Lecture

This year's Black History Month lecture was delivered by Dr Onyeka Nubia (University of Nottingham) on 'Beyond Our Imaginations'

The Tudor period remains a source of timeless fascination, with endless novels, TV programmes and films depicting the period in myriad ways. And yet our image of the Tudor era remains overwhelmingly white. Dr Onyeka Nubia seeks to redress the balance: revealing not only how black presence in Tudor England was far greater than has previously been recognised, but that Tudor conceptions of race were far more complex than we have been led to believe.

Biography - Dr Onyeka Nubia (University of Nottingham) is a pioneering and internationally recognised historian, writer and presenter. His current works include reinventing our perceptions of the Renaissance, British history, Black Studies and intersectionalism. Dr Nubia is the leading historian on the status and origins of Africans in pre-colonial England from antiquity to 1603. He has developed entirely new strands of British history which includes Africans in Ancient and Medieval England. Dr Nubia's most recent book is England’s Other Country Men: Blackness in Tudor Society: Black Tudor Society (Blackness in Britain).

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