Here, we introduce a former member of the Women's Network Steering Group

Aleksandra ZiolkowskaAleksandra A. Ziolkowska obtained her MPhys in Physics from the University of Edinburgh. During her studies she spent a year living in Singapore working in different laboratories and briefly worked in industry in the UK. 

She matriculated at St John's College in 2017 to read for a DPhil in Theoretical Physics, where she took on the role of MCR Women's Officer. In this capacity, Aleksandra made sure sure that the college community is inclusive for all women - anyone who identifies partly or wholly as a woman, transfeminine, or is otherwise significantly female-identified. 

She also co-founded two projects within the MCR community, Woke Talks and Woke Library. The former is a series of events giving a platform to early career researchers in social justice topics, who can present their work to the MCR members and engage them in a discussion. The latter aims at increasing awareness of different social justice issues among the MCR members through setting up a library dedicated to those topics. 

Privately, Aleksandra is also an amateur figure ice skater and a big fan of cosy book-and-a-cup-of-tea time.


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