Here, we introduce a former member of the Women's Network committee

Jahnavi Kalayil Women's NetworkJahnavi Kalayil matriculated in 2017 and is currently studying for her MEng at St John’s College. She took on the role of Women’s Officer at the end of Michaelmas 2018 and enjoyed running events to connect the women’s community of John’s. In the capacity of Women’s Officer, she made sure that the women at John’s feel included and inspired through running events such as biweekly lunches and the annual Women’s Dinner. 

She also ran as Charities Rep for the JCR and is keen to promote large charity events/schemes, particularly aimed at collaborating with local women’s charities. 

Outside of her role in the JCR, Jahnavi enjoys playing for her college football team and is very passionate about women empowerment in a male dominated sport. 


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