Here, we introduce former members of the Women's Network Steering Group

My name is Issy and I’m currently in my third year of study doing Chemistry at St John’s. I got involved with the Women’s Network after meeting Robin at ‘Not the Milk Round’, and when she heard that I run the social medias for the JCR she was very keen to get me on board doing it for the WN too.

Issy Stephens

As a chemist, I have one female tutor of the three, and whilst she is incredibly inspiring the majority of my lecturers are also men. The WN has enabled me to meet many more inspiring women in science and all lines of work, and hear how far equality has come since St John’s first admitted women in 1979. I like to think I act as a contact point for the WN with the JCR too, keeping them up to date with the undergrad population!


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