Here, we introduce a member of the Women's Network Steering Group

Gabrielle Samra matriculated in 2021 and is currently reading for an MSt in Medieval Studies at St John’s College, having previously completed a SSHRC-funded MA in English literature as well as a BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts from McGill University. Her present research focuses on the influence of medieval anti-Jewish blood libels in relation to the depiction of anthropophagy in the anonymous Middle English Richard Coer de Lyon.

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Gabrielle was inspired to join the Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) thanks to the many incredible supervisors she was privileged enough to work with over the years, both at the University of Oxford as well as at McGill. These women, who are pioneers in the humanities within their respective fields, motivated her to embrace further academic pursuits and encouraged her to share her love of literature with other like-minded individuals who aim to change the world through the power of the written word.

Outside of her commitments to the WLP, Gabrielle has functioned as a victualler for the St John’s Middle Common Room (2021-2022) and as an executive committee member for McGill University’s English Graduate Student’s Association (2018-2019). Over the years she has worked as a substitute teacher, a membership officer for the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums (CFFM), as well as a teaching and research assistant at McGill University, among other posts. She has also contributed to her community through her involvement with such initiatives as the Montreal Young Adult Literary Festival, which is devoted to uniting students with their favourite authors in order to encourage reading amongst children and young adults.


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