St John's College Oxford
Study writing in English from its origins in Anglo-Saxon England to the literature of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Average intake: 7-8

  • St John's students participate in the world-famous Oxford English course, offering full coverage of English literature. Our research record is outstanding and we remain committed to an expertly-taught and challenging programme of undergraduate study.
  • At St John's, students enjoy a fruitful mixture of small group and tutorial teaching.  Most tutorials are taught in College, although students with interests in specialist topics, such as film studies or linguistics receive external tuition.
  • Our students are highly motivated, and interested in arguing about literature as they develop their individual enthusiasms. Year groups often form close ties outside tutorials by working together in journalism, drama, film and video production.
  • St John's English tutors are actively involved in research, in fields as diverse as Old Icelandic literature, Shakespeare and early modern poetry, and the post-colonial novel. We bring the latest critical debates and incorporate the newest reading into our undergraduate teaching and we are committed to helping students learn how to read critically and confidently the literature of any period.
  • We encourage you to approach literature with an open mind, ready to experience unfamiliar texts, and to situate your reading historically; to develop your own critical approach and to make creative connections between literature and the other arts as well as philosophy, ethics and the history of ideas.
  • St John's has graduate research students in English in all periods. They have frequently offered specialist classes and individual tutorials to undergraduates; they are always ready to answer questions about their research and the experience of graduate work.
  • St John's will not be offering Classics and English as a subject until further notice.

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