Human Sciences studies the biological, social and cultural aspects of human life.

Average intake: 3

  • Human Sciences at St John’s is very well resourced for the teaching of this unique cross-disciplinary course, which covers a range of biological and social science subjects, and is designed to encourage students to grapple with the new intellectual challenges of 21st-century society.
  • St John’s is one of the few colleges where the Director of Studies in Human Sciences is a Tutorial Fellow.  Most of the tutorial teaching is given by members of the College, including genetics and evolution, demography, anthropology, animal behaviour and statistics.
  • Regular dinners provide opportunities for students to meet socially with tutors, fellows and recently graduated Human Scientists.
  • Generous travel grants are available at St John's to support research projects or expeditions during the summer vacation.
  • Students are encouraged to become involved in the intellectual life of the University, including the organisation of lectures and debates for the annual Human Sciences Symposia.
  • Human Sciences alumni from St John's have gone onto successful careers in the media, overseas development and aid, academia, management consultancy, public health and medicine among many others.

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