Fine Art is the making and study of visual art.

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  • Students at St John's take their fine arts courses at the Ruskin School of Art, where studio practice and theory are dynamically intertwined.
  • St John's fine artist students are part of a community where they can widen an already multi-disciplinary dialogue, conversing with fellow students from nearly every academic field, from literature to neuroscience.  
  • We offer grants that go towards the cost of arts materials.
  • Our undergraduates are part of a small but close-knit group of artists at St John's, supported by tutors in fine art and art history, and by the lively presence of Fine Art D.Phil students
  • The artistic life of the college is further enlivened by visiting artists working across many media, and who engage directly with students and hold talks and workshops. Recent artists in residence include DD Dorvillier, Matmos, Robert Beavers, Jordan Baseman and Corin Sworn, while Turner Prize winner Elizabeth Price was a visiting artist, as Helen Chadwick Fellow.
  • The Dolphin Gallery is run by St John's Fine Art students, providing an experimental space, while the Barn in the Kendrew Quadrangle hosts ambitious exhibitions, as well as acting as a space for workshops and activities in art, film, music and drama.
  • Our graduates have been successful in many fields, as fine artists, art curators and writers.

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