Mathematicians are fascinated by numbers. Applied mathematics uses mathematics to explain phenomena that occur in the real world.

Average intake: 10

  • Mathematicians at St John's have an excellent record of academic achievement.  Since 1998, around 55% of undergraduate mathematicians have got Firsts (comfortably the largest proportion of any Oxford College).  Twelve have been awarded the University prize for the best performance in mathematics finals, and several others were awarded runners up prizes or prizes for the best performance in a joint course.
  • The four tutors in mathematics take tutorials on almost all mathematical topics in the first two years. 
  • Oxford's course, like that at Cambridge, moves at a faster pace than other universities, building upon the high level of ability of our students. Consequently, in the later stages our course goes further and deeper than other universities.
  • We strongly encourage prospective candidates to study as much Mathematics at school as possible, for example taking Advanced Extension (AE) papers or STEP papers in Mathematics, as they will be good preparation for University Mathematics.
  • We place relatively little weight on the interview itself in selecting candidates, focusing instead upon performance in examinations and school reports.
  • Our students have gone into highly-paid finance, actuarial and computing jobs, as well as working for GCHQ, pursuing further study, and becoming teachers.

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