Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour

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  • Psychology and Joint SchoolsPsychology can be studied at St John's on its own as Experimental Psychology or as part of the Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL) degree.
  • For PPL, candidates can apply to study either Psychology and Philosophy or Psychology and Linguistics; the combination of Philosophy and Linguistics is not offered at St John’s. It is usually possible to study all three subjects once you are with us.
  • St John's psychology students are highly motivated, enthusiastic and successful, achieving excellent exam results.
  • Tutors at St John's are all active researchers who are passionate about teaching. Psychology teaching here is well resourced, with a high level of college based tuition and a learning environment which is both stimulating and challenging.
  • Students are encouraged to attend conferences and participate in research placements and internships during vacation. Generous travel grants are available to support this activity.
  • The Bryant Society (named after the first Fellow in Psychology at St John's) meets regularly for dinners and talks, bringing undergraduates together with our very talented postgraduate psychology community.
  • A high proportion of psychology alumni from St John's have gone onto careers related to the subject, either via postgraduate research or via training in clinical, educational or occupational psychology. Others have achieved success in law, management, banking, teaching and accountancy.
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Rochelle Psychology Video

You can also watch a video of a typical day in the life of a St John's student studying Psychology and Philosophy here.

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