Work continues on the second archway and, inside the Lodge, preparation for decoration and the installation of joinery and carpets is underway

We're continuing to work on the second archway, as well as electrical installation, decoration, and cornice repairs. We're also starting the joinery to the student post room. 

For archway number two, a further 5.5 cubic metres of stone walling has been removed to make way for the new entrance archway. This means a total of 11 cubic metres have been removed from both archways, with some stone being reused to infill around the new archways. 

The existing parquet flooring in the student post area has been sanded before the carpet and joinery is installed. 

Decoration prep work has been underway in the welfare area, reading to receive new lining paper. The lining paper will provide a more consistent finish where the new lime plaster meets the existing. 

Further repairs have also been carried out to existing windows. Some of the sash windows didn't have an access panel to allow maintenance, so where these are not present we have installed them, to make it easier to repair the windows in the future. 

Ian Stokes, Master of Works

Update 17: 17 July 2020