Some of the internal spaces are beginning to take shape, while work continues to the new archways providing entry to the Lodge

Work on the second archway is progressing, with new stainless steel lintels being put in place to support the masonry above the new openings. 

Joinery in the parcel room is underway, and the new student pigeon holes are nearly complete. 

In the main reception area, floor ducts for electrical services under the new front desk are complete, along with a new upstand concrete wall. 

In the week ahead we'll be continuing the first fix electrical installaion in the front reception area and arched walkway. We'll also be commencing second fix carpentry to the student post room and parcel room, along with continuing the joinery in these rooms, and carrying on with decorating the welfare area. 

Ian Stokes, Master of Works

Update 19: 31 July 2020