Removal of plaster and masonry continues this week, so that temporary works can be installed

This week there has been continued removal of plaster to view the structure behind, so that temporary works can be plotted and installed. 

The photo in the gallery also shows live cables running through the site, which need to be extended and jointed to enable the floor to be lowered. But, more urgently, the cables are currently in the way of the temporary propping and support required to continue with the new entrance door works. 

The removal of floor slabs and reduced dig in the arched walkway is now complete, ready for the installation of temporary works. 

The plasterboard ceiling has also been removed, ready for the temporary works installation. 

Masonry below the existing porters' window has been removed to make way for the installation of temporary works. 

Next week we will be continuing with the temporary works installation, and will then be planning the relocation of the electric cables. 

Ian Stokes, Master of Works

Update 5: 17 April 2020