More of the Lodge and passageway has been revealed thanks to this week's works

We're still making progress on the Lodge. In the main reception area, plaster has been removed so that the temporary works can be plotted on the wall to form the new archways, revealing the masonry behind. 

Under the archway into Front Quad, slabs have been removed in order to facilitate temporary works installation. 

The remainder of the existing walls and rubble have now been removed from the current office area. 

Archaeology works within the lowered floor area have been recorded, meaning that work can progress now that this has been documented. 

Next week we will continue with the slab removal and floor reduction in the main archway, to facilitate the installation of temporary works, and will begin installing temporary works for the two new archways.

Happy Easter!

Ian Stokes, Master of Works 

Update 4: 9 April 2020